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[Pulp-list] wiki docs todo

Copy from our etherpad:

* Add Consumer Group API
* Add API diagram source to wiki
* Update "Architecture" page
* Publish epydocs ("Library API")
* Get rid of Use Cases page, merge into backlog
* Split Features into Functionality v.  Architecture

Public API
* "orientation" guide to terms/concepts
* Update object diagram (clean out outdated concepts, add new objects, merge package and package version)
* Add API example calls in Python, Ruby? Clojure!
* Add if param is Required or Optional, valid type or constraint information, eg: id: Required. New id you wish to specify for a repository. Must be unique! Letters/numbers/hyphens/underscores allowed.
  arch: Required. Must be one of "noarch", "i386", "x86_64".
  feed: Required. Must start with "yum", "rhn", or "local"

* Add detailed object description at top of each API object section. Describe the object, the fields, the valid formats and how it may interact with other objects in the API.
* https://fedorahosted.org/candlepin/wiki/API

Front Page Changes
= Getting Started =
* Download
* Installation
* How To/Basic Usages/Examples (move CLI page under here)
* F.A.Q.

= Development =
* Development Links
* Repos
* Public API (link twice)
* Library API

= Community =
* Bugzilla
* Channel
* Mailing List

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