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[Pulp-list] gopher migration


The changes to migrate pulp to use gopher[1] have been pushed to master. For the most part, developers and users will not notice any significant differences.

Change Summary:
 * <git>/src/pulp/messaging package replaced with gopher.messaging
 * <git>/src/pulp/client/agent package replaced with gopher plugin defined as:
    - <git>/etc/gopher/plugins/pulp.conf
    - <git>/src/pulp/client/gopher/pulp.py
 * Packaging (rpm) changes:
   - pulp (rpm) requires: gopher-common
   - pulp-client requires: gopher
 * <git>/bin/pulpd (removed), replaced by gopherd
 * <git>/etc/init.d (removed)


I will update the pulp wiki as needed.

The 'pulpd' daemon no longer installed.  Pulp relies on 'gopherd'.

Run 'pulp-dev.py -U && pulp-dev.py -I' to update development environment:
 - (removed) /bin/pulpd --> <git>/bin/pulpd
 - (added)   /etc/gopher/plugins/pulp.conf --> <git>/etc/gopher/plugins/pulp.conf
 - (added)   /usr/lib/gopher/plugins/pulp.py --> <git>/src/pulp/client/gopher/pulp.py

The pulp /agent/ code running in gopherd will continue logging in /var/log/pulp/client.log. However, gopher infrastructure related messages will log in /var/log/gopher/agent.log. This includes problem loading plugins or uncaught exceptions raised within plugin code.

The [messaging] section in the client.conf has been removed. This /was/ used by pulpd. So, pulp agent (gopher) is configured to point to a /remote/ broker by changing the 'url' in /etc/gopher/agent.conf. Going forward, I have some thoughts on making this simpler.

After 'git pull', you will need gopher installed on you box. RPMs available in the fedora-pulp repo[2]. Also, git will not remove the messaging/ directory after the pull if it contains .pyc files. You may need to clean this up by hand. Same with the client/agent/ directory.

Any problems, please ping me asap.



[1] https://fedorahosted.org/gopher/wiki/

[2] In the 'testing' repo as of now.  Hopefully in the main repo by morning :)

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