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[Pulp-list] cli refator

Hi all,

I've just merged my cli work from this last sprint into the master
branch and pushed. This includes work to allow each script, command, and
action to individually parse the options given to it.

It entails the following changes:
 * replaced pulpcli module with cli package
 * replace BaseCore class with Command and Action classes
 * pushed command loading down into core module (__init__.py)

I will go over an in-depth review on Thursday's (10/07) deep dive to
explain the changes, how they work, and (of course), what made them

If anything breaks or doesn't look right in the mean time, feel free to
start filing bugs and/or ping me in the irc channel.

Jason L Connor
Software Engineer
Systems Management and Cloud Enablement
Red Hat, Inc.
RHCT #605010081634021
Freenode: linear

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