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Re: [Pulp-list] Repository cloning design

Todd B. Sanders wrote:
 On 10/12/2010 03:56 AM, Sayli Karmarkar wrote:
I have added design approach for supporting repository cloning at:

Feel free to add your thoughts / suggestions to wiki or in this email thread.


Thanks Sayli.

* I'm not sure I see the benefit in modeling a parent_repo or a cloned_repo. Why treat this any different that a repo with a feed?Not even sure that we need to persist the parent_id. What specific use cases lead you to believe that model changes are required?

I was thinking we might have to know about the relationship between a parent and a cloned repo. Adding parent_repo_id to Repo model will permit that. Example usecase: What happens when a parent repo of a feeded cloned repo is deleted? We need to either delete cloned repo or make it feedless.

*Yes, errata is a requirement. In the end, these are repos, and should have the same functionality.
Sorry I was sort of vague in explaining this. What I meant is - do we want functionality of cloning with selected errata (similar to what we have in spacewalk )? By default cloned repo will have all errata from parent repo.


Sayli Karmarkar
skarmark redhat com

Systems Management

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