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Re: [Pulp-list] Repo cloning cli

Todd B. Sanders wrote:
 On 10/21/2010 01:38 PM, Sayli Karmarkar wrote:
We want to support 3 types of feed for repo cloning:
1. Feedless.
2. Parent repo as a feed. Essentially content of repo on pulp server is a feed for cloned repo.
3. Parent's feed. So repo and its clone point to the same feed.

In order to support 3rd feed type, we need to make changes to cli. Here are a couple of options:

Options 1:
pulp repo clone --id= --clone_id=  --feedless
pulp repo clone --id= --clone_id=  --feed=default/parent
where default is Case 2 and parent is Case 3 above.

Option 2:
pulp repo clone --id= --clone_id=  --feed=default/parent/none

I am not really happy with using "default" and "parent", but can't think of any better short names for these feed types. Any better suggestions?


I prefer option 2.  Would "origin", "parent", and "none" be better?


origin is: feed = parent's feed
parent is: feed = parent
none is: feed = none

I like "origin" better than "default". It suggests what it stands for rather than relying on option help.

Sayli Karmarkar
skarmark redhat com

Systems Management

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