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[Pulp-list] Pulp Community Release #3

= Installation =

= Features & Enhancements =
- Support for repo publishing, allowing repos to be created but not
immediately exposed to consumers

- Support for GPG key information on a repo, including CLI support to
download a repo's keys during binding

- Support for repo cloning

- Increased integration with Candlepin, including support for consumer
lifecycle actions and product bind events

= Continued Development =
The following tasks will be continued in upcoming sprints:

- Data model versioning

- Support for distribution trees

- RHEL 5 support

= Bugs Fixed =
- 638715 - Changed behavior of history date queries to include the dates
  specified. (jason dobies redhat com)
- 641912 - Added call to start logging on cron initiated scripts.
  (jason dobies redhat com)
- 638710 - Corrected docs on date format. (jason dobies redhat com)
- 623704 - Add error handling for duplicate packagroup name on creation
  (jmatthew redhat com)
- 623429 - --type option in packagegroup delete_package
(jmatthew redhat com)
- 641038 - packagegroup create does not check if the repoid exists or not
  (jmatthew redhat com)
- 629987, 623272, 642003, 641945 package group bug fixes
(jmatthew redhat com)
- 639402 - Fix repository re-sync so it does not delete uploaded
packages Added
  a 'repo_defined' attribute to package objects. If the package was
created by
  the repo source, then repo_defined=True if a package is an 'uploaded'
  or anything else, repo_defined=False During a resync we will only remove
  'repo_defined=True' packages (jmatthew redhat com)
- 641372 - Upload w/ --dir option returns an error (fix from David Gao)
  (jmatthew redhat com)
- 629720 - link for delete_consumer was pointing to consumers instead of
  consumergroups (skarmark redhat com)

Jason Dobies
RHCE# 805008743336126
Freenode: jdob

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