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[Pulp-list] Centralized package location feature changes

As part of centralized package location(a.k.a package duplication) feature I made number of changes to how content is stored in pulp. This effects both pulp-server, pulp-tools and grinder.

Here is the gist:

* This change requires a few modifications in grinders sync, so there is a new grinder rpm with these changes that pulp depends on (grinder-0.0.59-1). If you're on dev setup, make sure you update grinder to this release.

* older pulp builds will continue to work with newer grinder. So if you're on QE build, you can ignore this as new pulp build will require new grinder.

* Support for yum repo syncs to pass in package location to new grinder to download packages to /var/lib/pulp/packages and symlink to repos.

* Support for local syncs to store packages under /var/lib/pulp/packages and symlink to repos. If a repo itself is chosen to be a symlink, package will not be included in central packages location.

* Support for package uploads to check and add packages to /var/lib/pulp/packages, if already present jus symlink to repo directory.

* Apache will now expose only content under /var/lib/pulp/repos directory as https://<hostname/pulp/repos/<repo-path> instead of /pulp/pub/<repo-path>

If you see any issues, please feel free to ping me.

~ Prad

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