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Re: [Pulp-list] repo sync and the pulp-admin client

On Fri, 2010-09-17 at 11:13 -0400, Jason Dobies wrote:
> > I've put repo sync progress into the the pulp-admin client. I've
> also
> > added a GET handler on the uri: /pulp/api/repositories/<id>/sync/,
> that
> > returns a list of the recent sync operations including an on-going
> one,
> > if applicable.
> How many? Ordered by what, timestamp? Might want to provide either a
> filter or another call that just asks for the most recent one, which
> feels a bit more geared usage-wise towards tracking the progress of an
> ongoing sync.

All of them, though I'm in the process of writing a 'limit' filter:

They are ordered by their place in the queue:
first: any waiting sync
second: any running sync
then: finished syncs ordered by finish time (most recent first)

> > So here's what I'm thinking. Currently the repo sync command waits
> for
> > the repo sync to complete, while (now) displaying progress
> information.
> > I want to also allow the command to start a sync and exit, and a
> second
> > command to check on the status of the sync.
> > 
> > So I'm looking for suggestions for the following:
> > 
> > * What should the second command be called?
> >   (I'm leaning toward: syncstatus)
> Personally, I like just using "status", since that will read "The
> status
> of the repo is synchronized as of 10:30" or "The status of this repo
> is
> synchronizing for [123] seconds". But that's a pet peeve against
> concatenating two words like "syncstatus" without a separator.

Hmmm, I'm actually liking this. Perhaps it could look like:
pulp-admin repo status
Number of packages: 0
Last Sync: never
Currently syncing: 25% done (300 of 1200 packages downloaded)

> > * What should the default behavior of repo sync be?
> >   (I'm leaning toward: start the sync and exit)
> +1, I think that's the more common case than a synchronous, er, sync.
> > Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> I forget, is this information available in "repo list" as well? It'd
> be
> cool to see a summary view of all the repos that shows which ones are
> in
> the process of synchronizing. 

I hadn't even considered this. I think I'd want something a little less
than in the status info. Perhaps just the last sync field?

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