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[Pulp-list] Consumergroup add_keyvalue error handling

As we decided in key-value attributes deep dive, I am making changes to consumergroup to make key_value_pair a property of consumergroup (not just consumer). That will make sure that consumers added to the consumergroup AFTER setting a key-value property of the group will also inherit that property. This complicates error handling a little bit.

Let's say I have consumer1 and consumer2 registered to the pulp-server and I add key-value {location : rdu} to consumer1. consumer1 and consumer2 belong to consumergroup "testgroup". When I try to add key-value {location : sea} to this group, should it -
1. fail saying consumer1 already has  different value for that key ?
2. override key-value for consumer1 to {location : sea} ? (basically delete location key from consumer1, so there is no conflict)
3. fail, unless --override flag is set ?

Same error handling will need to be added when adding a consumer to consumergroup.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Sayli Karmarkar
skarmark redhat com

Systems Management

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