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[Pulp-list] Task Scheduling Question

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Say I create a new repo A with an interval scheduler and a start time.
If I'm understanding the implementation correctly, that means that at
all times, there will be a task on the queue for "sync repo A" (either
executing or the next scheduled run of it).

What happens if I go through pulp-admin and call repo sync on A? I
suspect the task will fail to queue since it'll trip the uniqueness check.

If that's not the case, the rest of this email is invalid.

But if that's the case, I think we need a bit more refinement in this
area. From what I remember, the repo sync API will just say whether or
not the sync was added as a task, but not "why" it wasn't added. So in
the CLI, I'm guessing we'll tell the user we can't schedule the sync
cause it's already running (which was the previous motivation for the
uniqueness check there), which isn't accurate. We'll need to distinguish
between "the sync is currently running" and "the sync is scheduled to
run again at XX:XX".

This also brings up a potential issue in that we can't manually trigger
a repo sync if there's a schedule on the repo. So if you had a repo set
to sync every, say 24 hours, but needed to run it immediately to pick up
a fix, you can't.

Is that going to present an issue? I think that's a valid use case for
wanting to have a scheduled sync but also the ability to kick it to sync
immediately, but I'm curious what others think.

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