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[Pulp-list] Repo delete + CDS = confusion

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I need some other opinions on how repo delete should function for repos
that exist on a CDS.

Currently, if a repo is deployed on a CDS, it cannot be deleted from the
Pulp server until it's unassociated from the CDS. Until recently, the
behavior was that unassociate was strictly a server operation; the CDS
would delete the repo the next time it syncced and saw the repo was no
longer in its list. That's an important note; the CDS never tracked a
list of its repositories, it simply syncced what it was told to by the
server and deleted whatever was left.

At the time it was sufficient. It also made CDS instances easier to deal

Then we added repo auth, which complicated things. The CDS now needed to
keep some track of what repos it had deployed, or at least the
authorized ones. During unassociate, the CDS is sent a message saying
the auth credentials for that repo were None. That stuff all works and
is fine.

The problem is what happens if the CDS is down and the repo is deleted
on the server. The unassociate call is still required before the delete
can occur. But that unassociate call is no longer server-side only and
requires talking to the CDS to have it remove the repo auth settings for
that repo. That means if the CDS is offline, you can't unassociate.
Therefore, if the CDS is offline, you can't delete a repo that is
deployed to it.

Obviously that's not what we want.

When I added global repo auth I introduced the REST idea of "partial
content", meaning that the server successfully updated the global repo
auth but not all of the CDSes were updated. I guess I could use that
here as well. It feels bad to allow the delete if the repo is still on a
CDS, but I suppose that's no more bad than allowing a auth update but
not having all CDSes pick up that change. Arguably, it's safer than the
auth case since the delete will still occur on the next CDS sync.

So my ultimate question is if we're comfortable with the partial content
approach. I need to get this fixed ASAP for RHUI and will probably have
to do it in a few other CDS APIs as well (QE is gonna have a field day
doing stuff while CDS instances aren't running and filing bugs).

If we are comfortable with it, anyone want to volunteer to review the
CDS and repo APIs for where this should be applied? The CLIs will have
to be updated as well to look at the returned result (ok v. partial
content) and display to the user which CDS instances failed to be
updated. But it's gotta happen and I don't know when I'd have time to do it.

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Jay Dobies
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