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Re: [Pulp-list] Date and Time Feedback Requested!

Sorry for chiming in last in the game but ...

On 04/15/2011 12:36 PM, Jason L Connor wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm personally struggling with date and time formats and timezone data
in pulp.

We're currently using 2 different formats, 1 for specifying date and
time information and 1 for reporting date and time information. I'd like
to see us unify this, and I'm looking for feedback on what is
easiest/most desired.

For reporting, we're generally using a timestamp as seconds since the
epoch as a float in the utc timezone.

For specifying date time data, we're accepting objects with the
following integer fields: (year, month, day, hour, minute) in the local
timezone of the pulp server.

This is obviously confusing... (especially because some of the reporting
is using the second format, like for repo schedules)

Here's what I'd like to propose:

The date/time format is always an object, with the fields(year, month,
day, hour, minute, second)

Why not just standardize on a standard format like ISO 8601?

Please note that pulp will not honor the 'second' field when specify
times, it's only use is in reporting.

The times are always specified in the timezone local to the pulp server.

So, the pulp server will convert all dates to UTC before using/storing, right?

This keeps the logic on pulp as simple as possible. As well as providing
both a machine parsable and human readable format for date/time data.

Ok, fire away...

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