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[Pulp-list] Pulp Community Release 15 is available.

Pulp Community Release 15 is available!


Pulp: 0.223-4
Grinder: 0.110
Gofer: 0.44

Upgrade Notes:

  - As mentioned below, the client tools have been refactored.  This affects the
    client configuration files in /etc/pulp which have to be fixed manually after
    you upgrade.
  - After the upgrade, SELinux no longer has to be set to permissive/disabled.  Although,
    no change is required.


  * File Based Syncs
    - Support to sync file based content repos. Requires a PULP-MANIFEST metadata file
    - New option content_type added to repo creation cli and api. default is 'yum';
      supported types: 'yum'/'file' .
    - Pulp synchronizer has been re-architected to support generic content model

  * Interrupt/Resume Downloads
    - Pulp and Grinder now supports resuming partial download files

  * Client Refactoring
    - Split the pulp-client tool into logical components:
    - pulp-consumer - Consumer client tool
    - pulp-admin - Admin client tool
    - pulp-client-lib - Common client libraries
    - Since  the pulp-client package has been renamed, pulp-admin and/or
      pulp-consumer will have to be installed, not updated. These new packages obsolete
      pulp-client, so it will be removed when the new packages are installed.
    - The previous client config file has been split into a pulp-consumer specific
      config file and a pulp-admin specific config file.  Any values that were set
      in /etc/pulp/client.conf will need to be manually reset in the
      new config files:
        /etc/pulp/consumer/consumer.conf - pulp-consumer config
        /etc/pulp/admin/admin.conf - pulp-admin config

  * Added SELinux rules - new feature
    - Platforms
      - Pulp will run with SELinux enabled on RHEL-6 and Fedora
      - Pulp and SELinux will not be supported on RHEL-5

  * Improved cancel of repository synchronization
    - Previous implementation required pulp wait for the current item to
      finish downloading before synchronization would be interrupted.
    - New implementation will interrupt a transfer, useful for interrupting transfer
      of larger ISOs.

  * Added support for jobs which are a collection of tasks.
    The REST API was expanded to include job queries.  Also, pulp-admin CLI contains
    job command.  To enable, edit /etc/pulp/admin/job.conf and change: enabled=True.

  * All consumer group operations updated to use jobs for better status and
    result feedback for each consumer.
    - Install package on consumer group returns job instead of task.
    - Install errata on consumer group return job instead of task.

Known Issues:

  * Years and months can not be used when specifying timeout values in the cli.
    * Due to an incompatibility in a library and will be fixed in a future release
    * See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=729496 for a workaround if
      they are specified and pulp-server can't be restarted

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