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[Pulp-list] Feedback Requested: Unit Associations


I'm working on a few different things related to unit associations this sprint (the mapping of a unit to a repository), including querying and creating new associations (the v2 version of cloning).

It's trickier than I thought at just about every level.

That page is a mix of things:
- It covers the sorts of criteria I want to provide for both queries and to indicate which units to create associations for (I believe the criteria capabilities and format should be the same and represents the evolution of "repo filters" in v1).
- It talks about how we can do this in REST.

I'm looking for feedback. In particular:
- Am I missing anything from the criteria? Are there queries you'd want to run or use as a basis for copying units from one repo to another that aren't possible given the proposed criteria? - What are your thoughts on the REST exposure of these capabilities? I had trouble masking my bias on that page, so I'm curious what others think.


Jay Dobies
Freenode: jdob @ #pulp
http://pulpproject.org | http://blog.pulpproject.org

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