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[Pulp-list] Unit Association Query Stress Test Report


I've been saying all week that looking up units in a repo and being able to sort/filter/limit/skip them is pretty critical to a ton of different areas of v2. The page above contains my notes from the process of stress testing it.

The biggest issue so far has been sorting. Depending on what you're sorting, it's either done at the association level or the individual unit metadata level. The ability to sort is contingent on the size of the documents and indexes.

That page breaks down the ways to trigger different code executions depending on what the user is asking. It's also got a big report generated from my stress test setup that describes the conditions under which each sort category start to break down. This will be pretty important when telling people how to best write type definitions to answer the expected needs for that type.

It's been a pretty neat Mongo learning experience. Ping me with any questions. I'm still working on it, but I'm starting to feel reasonably confident that we'll be able to fulfil common user views on this data.

Jay Dobies
Freenode: jdob @ #pulp
http://pulpproject.org | http://blog.pulpproject.org

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