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Re: [Pulp-list] Proof UG Additions

On 02/03/2011 09:26 AM, Jay Dobies wrote:
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On 02/02/2011 04:43 PM, Jeff Ortel wrote:

I noticed that the 'repo update' and 'repo listkeys' commands are
missing from the User Guide so I added them.  Please review [1] at your



[1] https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/UGRepo#crud

Thanks for doing this. A few questions on behavior based on reading it:

Thanks for the review.

Between writing this up and working on https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=664040, I found that we permit changes to the repo that really breaks the repo in many ways. Assuming there are no valid use cases for changing the relative path after the repo has been populated, I propose following restrictions on 'repo update'.

If the repo has been populated (synced):

--relativepath (option rejected)

--symlinks (option rejected)

--feed (rejected if relative path (part) changed)

The main use case for changing the feed is that it was entered incorrectly when the repo was created. User tries to sync and it barfs. Then, the user corrects the feed URL, retries the sync and all is good.

A secondary use case is that the user wants to sync the repo from a different mirror. To support this, we permit the --feed so long as the relative path remains the same.

- - It says we can update the symlinks flag on a repo. What happens if the
repo was already synchronized? Will we remove the packages from the repo
and replace them with symlinks? Will future syncs on that repo result in
a hybrid of full packages and symlinks?


- - When changing the relative path, is that something we need to
broadcast out to all bound consumers so they can update their .repo
files? If it is, that's a bug; we don't have any hooks in the update API

Yup, this is busted.

- - You can update a group ID with --groupid, but how do you remove it
from a group?

- - When specifying to remove GPG keys, the docs say to specify the GPG
key file. What if they don't have the file anymore, they can't remove
that GPG key?

I can update the doc. Basically the user uses 'repo listkeys' and specifies one of the file names listed.

- - When changing an existing --cacert, --cert, or --key is the old one
deleted from the Pulp server? Looking at the code not only do we not
delete the old ones, it doesn't look like we write the new ones to disk.
Can someone more familiar with that area confirm this is a bug?

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