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Re: [Pulp-list] Client configuration made easier

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On 02/08/2011 05:56 PM, Jeff Ortel wrote:
> After replacing the pulp agent with a gofer (agent) plugin, configuring
> the client to use a remote qpid server became less intuitive.  The
> intent was for pulp's use of gofer to be an implementation detail not
> exposed to pulp users.  But, ...
> Today, in fixing (669484 & 669498), I pushed changes to make client
> configuration more intuitive for pulp users again.  The pulp (gofer)
> plugin descriptor new references the server.host in
> /etc/pulp/client.conf for the qpid broker url.  This means editing the
> /etc/gofer/agent.conf is no longer necessary.  Further, I symlinked
> 'pulp-agent' to 'goferd' in /etc/rc.d/init.d.  This creates pseudo
> service like 'pulp-server' but for the agent.  When configuring a client
> (consumer) to connect to a remote pulp server the steps are as follows:
> 1) edit /etc/pulp/client.conf and change the server.host
> 2) service pulp-agent restart
> Done.
> wiki/ug updates to follow.

Last night I swear I read an e-mail that said something about waiting to
update the UG when the CR was published, but this is the only reference
to the UG still in my inbox. But I'll make my comment anyway just to
make sure it's clear.

Just a reminder, the wiki UG is intended to be the current
master/testing build install instructions. So feel free to update those
when you make any changes to how pulp runs. They won't be published to
pulpproject.org until the CR, so there's no risk of being in a situation
where the instructions you add/change don't apply to the CR.

> Hope this helps,
> Jeff
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