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On 02/08/2011 08:49 PM, Jason L Connor wrote:

If you not are using the developer deployment, you can ignore this.

A lot changed today. Jeff and Pradeep both had large pushes and here two

1. The default database name has changed. I have renamed it to:
pulp_database. The old name, _database, is a relic from our prototyping
days and not really suitable for a serious deployment. The name is
changed in both the default config and the config file: pulp.conf. If
you want to continue using the old database, just change it back in

2. More importantly: the new authorization is pushed. This will very
likely break your existing database as the users and roles needed for
authorization have changed.

I have tried to incorporate the changes into the latest version of
pulp-migrate, so if you run into trouble, run pulp-migrate again, with
the --force flag if necessary and restart pulp. Or you could just use
the new database created by the name change and not worry about it, your

Possible trouble includes: no administrative users, admin user without
proper permissions, consumers that do not have permissions.

Good luck!
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If you wish to export your existing content in _database, try this:

$ mongo
> use _database
> db.copyDatabase("_database", "pulp_database", <your-hostname>)

then run pulp-migrate. This worked for me.

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