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Re: [Pulp-list] CLI Consistency

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 10:06 -0500, Jay Dobies wrote:
> Take the following two examples:
> $ pulp-admin user create --username hal
> $ pulp-admin role add --role new-role --user user
> This may just be my OCD, but I think we should stay consistent in the
> names of the flags (--username v. --user). I didn't file a bug because
> I
> think this is more of
> just my opinion than something that is actually wrong, but wanted to
> throw it out there to let people think about it. 

A while back I actually put together a proposal to overcome this, which
was pushed off for various reasons, but it may be time to refresh our
collective memories. Here is my original proposal in its entirety:

(Please realize this proposal was sent to this list and there were
follow up emails that I'm not recapping here)


Hi All,

I've been digging around in the cli a bit lately, and I wanted to
propose some common options and option names for our cli. Please note
that this is semantic nit-picking. :)

We use a --id option for most of our actions that pertain to which ever
collection of resources the command is meant to manipulate.
E.G in "pulp-admin repo sync --id my-repo", the 'my-repo' is a
repository id. And it'll mean something else for the consumer command,
the package command, etc.

Instead of using options called 'id' or even 'consumerid', 'repoid',
etc. We should use options that associate themselves with the resources
and provide short names for all of them. We should use this convention
on all commands. This is what I propose:
-c, --consumer : consumer id
-C, --consumer-group : consumer group id
-e, --errata : errata id
-p, --package : package name
-P, --package-group : package group id
-r, --repo : repository id
-u, --username : username

I think --id is ambiguous and using concatenated --conumserid or
--repoid is probably unnecessary. These proposed changes will make the
cli more consistent and intuitive for our end users.

Jason L Connor
linear on freenode #pulp
RHCE: 805010912355231
GPG Fingerprint: 2048R/CC4ED7C1

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