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[Pulp-list] Community Release 7 Released

Pulp Community Release 7 is available. This release features ~43 bugs fixed and several new features/enhancements as follows:

* Role Based Authorization
* Selective Repository Synchronization with Dependency Resolution
* Delta-RPM Local Repository Synchronization
* Enhanced Feedback During Repository Synchronization in Foreground
* Simpler Client Configuration (see: https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/UGInstallation)
* Database Schema Version 2.

* Pulp: 0.138
* Grinder: 0.79
* Gofer: 0.19

* pymongo upgrade to 1.9
  Upgrades of pulp require a manual step to address a name change to "pymongo".
  Pulp had a dependency on a custom packaged version of pymongo called
  python-pymongo.  We have changed to using pymongo from Fedora/EPEL.
    The manual step required prior to upgrade is:
       "sudo rpm -e --nodeps python-pymongo"

* /etc/rc.d/init.d/pulp-agent added (on client) and replaces users working
  with the goferd service directly
  Users should do:
    # service pulp-admin (start|stop|status|restart)
  instead of:
    # service goferd (start|stop|status|restart)

* On the client, the /etc/gofer/agent.conf is no longer updated when configuring the
  pulp agent to connect to a remote QPID broker.
  Changing the host in /etc/pulp/client.conf [server] is sufficient.

* The mongo database on the pulp server has changed from a default name of
  _database to pulp_database.
  You can continue to use the existing database by editing
    /etc/pulp/pulp.conf file to look like:
    name: _database

  Or you can export your data to the new database using the mongo client:

  $ mongo
  > use _database
  > db.copyDatabase("_database", "pulp_database", <your-hostname>)

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