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Re: [Pulp-list] Cert based requests Broken?

Hi All,

As of hash 48fa65d8ee188775ed94b05cf5b5bf3243c85aa9, this problem is

This was caused by the fact that I was caching and reusing the
connection objects, instead of creating a new one on each request. This
technique works just fine for the connection objects that are from the
standard python httplib, which we use for http and https + basic auth
connections. However, the object from the m2crypto module, which we use
for ssl credentials, cannot be reused.

I have forgone the caching and now create a new connection object for
every single request.

One more reason to love m2crypto...

Jason L Connor
linear on freenode #pulp
RHCE: 805010912355231
GPG Fingerprint: 2048R/CC4ED7C1

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