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Re: [Pulp-list] CDS Binding Approaches

On 02/22/2011 12:53 PM, John Matthews wrote:

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I put together some thoughts on how we can handle binding consumers to
CDS instances instead of/in addition to the Pulp server. I apologize
it's a bit tricky to read; I'm still struggling to come up with some
terms to describe the different pieces.

Please try to take a look before the 1pm meeting, but this is what
be talking about if you don't get a chance to look ahead of time.

- --
While reading/thinking about this I felt there might be similarities in what we want to accomplish and what Fedora Infrastructure is doing with handling their mirrorlists. I only have a high level understanding, so I can't expand much just yet but I added some notes to the wiki.

I was thinking pulp could provide a mirrorlist in metalink format, this could have extra information on CDS's available that could be used by the clients to pick which 'host' to communicate to.  We'd need to learn more about what is currently supported in yum, maybe we could write a plugin so the clients could use this mirror info to determine for themselves which 'hosts' to communicate with?

We have to be careful here. Please keep in mind that we are going to be serving more than just yum clients as we are going to handle multiple content types in the long-run; so choosing a mechanism that relies on yum for determining CDS might not be the right approach. Also, we are going to proxy httpd requests (i.e. pulp-admin) via the CDS to the Pulp Server, as well as command and control (amp events) through a broker on the CDS.


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