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Re: [Pulp-list] Agent decoupling

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I had to take it a step further. The usage of gofer is to call
Agent().Repo().method. So using the approach I suggested still doesn't
work, since you can never get a reference to the actual object created
by your mock agent since it's a new object only used in a single
invocation of the API call and then thrown away.

I'm changing the abstraction to have factory methods for the consumer
proxies themselves:

def retrieve_repo_proxy(uuid, **options):
    Utility factory method for retrieving the repo proxy to a consumer.

    @param uuid: uuid of the consumer
    @type  uuid: string

    @param options: options to the underlying message bus
    @type  options: dict
    agent = retrieve_agent(uuid, **options)
    return agent.Repo()

That way, in your unit test you make an instance of a mock with whatever
testing needs you have and monkey patch the individual factory method to
return that mock:

class MockRepoProxy(object):

    def bind(self):
        print('Calling bind')

MOCK_REPO_PROXY = MockRepoProxy()

def retrieve_mock_repo_proxy(uuid, **options):
    return MOCK_REPO_PROXY

pulp.server.agent.retrieve_repo_proxy = retrieve_mock_repo_proxy

Then in the API, when bind retrieves the repo proxy it'll get my mock
and I can control it's behavior to simulate error conditions and log
invocations in the test.

On 02/24/2011 02:37 PM, Jay Dobies wrote:
> As part of the bind refactor, I'm adding test cases for the bind API
> call. Currently, the agent call is tightly coupled into the API call:
> def bind(self, id, repoid):
> [snip]
>         agent = Agent(id, async=True)
>         repolib = agent.Repo()
>         repolib.update()
> That doesn't let us mock out the qpidd call, so if we had unit tests for
> any non-async agent calls they would fail because the receiver wasn't
> present.
> It's best to just mock out something like a message bus connection in a
> unit test (the tests for the Agent itself can be handled separately), so
> I added a factory method to agent.py.
> Going forward, instead of instantiating an Agent object directly in the
> API, use the factory method (agent.retrieve_agent()). That way we can
> monkey patch that method in the API unit test to return a mock so we can
> track that the API methods are invoking the correct methods on an agent,
> just not doing them over a live bus.
> That factory method currently exists in the bind-refactor branch and
> should be in master in the next few days.

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