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[Pulp-list] More user guide/wiki changes

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- - I pulled in the Installation and FAQ pages under the user guide on the
wiki. The old links are still on the wiki main page but now point into
the user guide pages.

- - I rewrote the old "How To" guide as a "Quick Start" guide and also put
that into the user guide. Again, the link is still on the wiki main
page, but now leads into the user guide.

- - Because those three sections are all now under the User Guide, they
are pulled in by the script I wrote yesterday and rebranded with the
pulpproject.org look and feel (and will also get picked up by our site
analytics). This fits with the idea of building our wiki docs into the
production site at community release time, which solves the problem of
keeping the installation instructions in sync with the community
releases: the wiki will reflect how to install master/QE builds and the
pulpproject.org install guide will cover the latest community release.

- - I dorked around with the CSS a bit. It's still not great, but
definitely better than yesterday. I'm very much open to suggestions here.

- - Keep an eye on links. The conversion from wiki to HTML looks to have
worked for links within the guide itself, and I'm pretty sure we don't
have any that point outside of it so we should be safe.

- - I pushed the latest out to http://noopenblockers.com/pulp/ug/ if you
want to take a look.

- - I was watching Star Wars: Episode 2 while I did this. I forgot just
how awful those prequels are.

- -- 
Jay Dobies
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