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Re: [Pulp-list] Pulp and mongodb

On 07/01/2011 04:31 AM, Lukas Zapletal wrote:

using pulp on my laptop and it seems it does not like MondoDB 1.8. Unfortunately I am not able to update Gnome Shell thank to js-mongodb dependency :-(

Is there any plan moving towards 1.8 for Fedora 15?


Skipped (dependency problems):
firefox i686 5.0-2.fc15 updates 17 M gjs i686 0.7.14-6.fc15 updates 173 k gnome-shell i686 3.0.2-4.fc15 updates 712 k js i686 1:1.8.5-6.fc15 updates 2.1 M libmongodb i686 1.8.0-3.fc15 updates 481 k mongodb i686 1.8.0-3.fc15 updates 12 M mongodb-server i686 1.8.0-3.fc15 updates 2.5 M xulrunner i686 5.0-2.fc15 updates 9.5 M

From the CR# 13 Release Notes:

"Requires mongo 1.7.5 because the 1.8 mongo shell can sometimes hang. Users installing or upgrading pulp on an F15 box that already has mongo 1.8 installed, need to manually downgrade to mongo 1.7.5. "

Are you installing Pulp from rpm?

As soon as an errata is released that addresses the Fedora 15 Mongo 1.8 issues, we will re-test and remove the .spec file restriction.


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