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[Pulp-list] Pulp development on Fedora 15

I'm struggling to figure out why Apache isn't starting after I set up a Pulp development environment, and figured I would post here in case I am missing something obvious.

I set up my test environment in accordance with http://pulpproject.org/ug/UGDevelopment.html#setup

I enabled the Testing repositories so the dependencies for F15 were available.

I adjusted the ACLs on the build directories as suggested to allow apache access to the in-development versions of the files.

I configured the explicit local machine name in the configuration (and in /etc/hosts)

However, when I go to enable the service, httpd fails to start. If I use pulp-dev.py to remove the symlinks, then the default Apache page appears correctly so httpd itself appears to be OK.

Any suggestion on what I may be doing wrong?


Nick Coghlan
Engineering Operations, Brisbane

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