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[Pulp-list] gofer 0.39 released


I tagged and pushed gofer 0.39 into the testing repo. It contains a workaround to address a concurrency issue in python-qpid that has been identified by the qpid team. This change in qpid session handling offers some performance benefits so even if the driver is fixed, I don't intend to remove the workaround. However, I will continue to press for python-qpid to be patched. Using 0.39, I am unable to reproduce QPID-3212 (and I strongly suspect QPID-3218) which had been relatively easy to reproduced using gofer 0.38 (and earlier). This will be especially beneficial to CDS (RHUA) stability because the scenario for reproducing these issues involved registration/un-registration of the CDS.

In addition, I moved a few log statements to INFO for better (messaging) traceability during normal operations.

Please upgrade when you get a chance and let me know if you experience any messaging related issues.




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