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[Pulp-list] Pulp now uses a configuration file for it's logging

I added in support for a logging configuration file for pulp.  

We can modify logging levels down to a specific logger, for pulp this generally means down to a specific python file.
This also works for grinder, gofer, qpid, and any other python modules that use the python logging.

I have a wiki page here with details:

The path of the logging configuration file is specified in /etc/pulp/pulp.conf
config: /etc/pulp/logging/basic.cfg

The directory /etc/pulp/logging can have multiple configuration files saved which make it easier to debug different areas of pulp.

This has been tested on Fedora and RHEL-5. (RHEL-5 presented a few issues, but they have been worked through and documented on the wiki).

I have found this helpful when running unit tests. nosetests does it's own configuration of python logging, this was causing our logs to be empty.  

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