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[Pulp-list] Community Release 13 (available)

Pulp Community Release 13 is available.

Pulp: 0.191
Grinder: 0.103
Gofer: 0.41

Release Notes:

* Run 'pulp-migrate' up upgrade DB.

* Fedora 13 no longer supported.

* Fedora 15 supported.
   * Requires mongo 1.7.5 because the 1.8 mongo shell can sometimes hang.
     Users installing or upgrading pulp on an F15 box that already has mongo
     1.8 installed, need to manually downgrade to mongo 1.7.5.
   * The pulp-server init script has been fixed to prevent a hang on restart.

* The x.509 private key and certificates where consolidated.  This means that
  any x.509 --key CLI options are optional so long as the file referenced in
  --cert options contains both the private key and certificate.  After upgrading
  Pulp, existing certificates stored on the filesystem will no longer be valid
  unless the private key and certificates are combined.
   * For Consumers: in /etc/pki/consumer, combine the key.pem and the cert.pem
     content into the cert.pem.  Or, delete and re-create the Consumer.
   * For pulp-admin (login) do:
         "pulp-admin auth logout"
     followed by:
         "pulp-admin auth login -u <user> -p <password>".

* Errata enhancements - https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/PulpCli#ErrataActions
   * Added ability to search errata using various parameters like id, type,
     repository association etc.
   * Added ability to list all errata including orphaned errata filtered by type.

* Task Persistence
   * Unscheduled tasks will now resume if interrupted by a Pulp crash or restart
   * Task history for repository and CDS syncs available
     * /pulp/api/repositories/<id>/history/sync/
     * /pulp/api/cds/<id>/history/sync/
   * pulp-admin optional task command available
     * Enable by editing /etc/pulp/client.conf file: [admin] expose_task_command = True

* Repository Discovery:
   * Support added for discovering authenticated repos
   * Support added for discovering mirror lists and redirected urls
   * Added Incremental feedback

* Package Profile Capture
   * The pulp-profile-update yum plugin to update consumer profile on yum transactions
   * Refactored profile module and included in new python-rhsm

* File based syncs
   * Added file sync support for grinder

* Support added for protected repositories in the consumer pulp.repo file.
  When a consumer certificate is specified for a repository in Pulp, it is
  downloaded to the consumer and referenced in the pulp.repo file's
  sslclientcert property.  If a consumer CA certificate is specified for the
  repo in Pulp, it is also downloaded to the consumer and the pulp.repo file
  sslverify and sslcacert properties are set appropriatly.

* Fixed 22 bugs.

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