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Re: [Pulp-list] pulp, repodata, and python-hashlib

On 11/01/2011 12:39 PM, Phil Gardner wrote:
I'm in the process of redoing our local repos. Ideally what I want to do
is use pulp for all of our package needs, including the base repo for
kickstarts. I am in sort of a limbo state because we are not ready to
install the consumer portion of pulp on all of our production boxes at
the moment. What I have done so far is just create a separate
VirtualHost inside of apache for non-ssl stuff that goes around pulp's
python stuff. This works fine for rhel6, however it seems that
pulp/python is using some more recent checksum stuff that makes the
repodata incompatible with stock rhel5 type distros. Installing the
'python-hashlib' from EPEL fixes this and allows yum to do the checksum
of pulp's repodata, but I also want to use pulp to manage EPEL for me,
so I'm kind of stuck. I also can't kickstart 5 using the pulp repos.

Is there a way to make pulp use md5 or sha1 or whatever works with a
stock rhel5 install? Or would this break other things?

Hi Phil:

yes there is. So we have couple of options here,

1. pulp has this concept of preserving the source metadata and making the repo act as a mirror. So if you choose to create a repo with preserve_metadata set to true, pulp will use the metadata as it is. Note that this is only applicable for repos with feeds (as in you're syncing). Uploading content wont work.

2. You could also create a repo with a specific checksum type. Pass in in sha or md5 when you create a repo and pulp will use that to generate metadata. This will work both for feed as well as feedless repos. So if you want to upload content to repo use this option.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you need further assistance.

~ Prad

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