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Re: [Pulp-list] Quick Q on grinder.yml config

On 11/09/2011 12:05 PM, Cliff Perry wrote:
I am looking to expose within katello installer the setting of these two
items within pulp/grinder ... are these the correct items?

/etc/grinder/grinder.yml :
  - Location on disk for content?
basepath: /mnt/packages

  - Number of processes/threads for pulp sync?
parallel: 20


From katello standpoint grinder.yml isn't used. Thats primarily for grinder CLI. We expose these in /etc/pulp/pulp.conf as well.

threads : 15

Which would be the place to tweak as katello talks to pulp api and not grinder directly. Also looks like katello.yml already exposes few of these settings. So these probably would override whatever you wanna set in pulp.conf. So may be installer should tweak katello.yml instead?

for tweaking the location,we dont allow that in pulp. By default packages are today written to /var/lib/pulp/packages and symlinked to /var/lib/pulp/repos/ . User generally takes care of symlinking /var/lib/pulp to a mount point somewhere for example in my case /var/lib/pulp/ -> /mnt/data/.

~ Prad
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