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Re: [Pulp-list] cds, etc. api

Would you mind filing a bug for the repo update case you bring up? I'd like to have it tracked that it was reported from a user and so we can align it to a sprint to fix it.

Today, I filed a couple of bug reports for things I encountered, while working with the API during the last few weeks.

Is it more or less stable and
functional, or will there be heavy changes in the near future?

The answer is two-fold.

We're gearing up for a v1.0 release. The Katello project will be using our APIs and may require some changes be made for that 1.0 release. For the most part, the APIs should remain relatively stable for that release.

After that, the APIs are going to drastically change as we refactor the daylights out of Pulp to support non-RPM content. A lot is going to change for that, but that is still months away.

Actually for most of the things I wanted to do with the api, it already proved to be very useful. I just had to figure out, that I should probably also sometimes look into the code to verify the documentation or to get an extended insight into what happens as the request is processed.

So the only things I could mention for the v2 of the API (amongst the things I filed bug reports):

* be consistent amongst all parts of your api, this makes using it a lot easier and less cumbersome. Consistency in terms of how resources are addressed or what they return on the same kind of request.
* provide nice documentation with good (response) examples. :)

I know that good documentation is hard, so I hope to be helpful by pointing at things that are not clear for a user.

Thanks a lot!


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