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[Pulp-list] pulp-admin bash completion script added

I've added a bash completion script for pulp-admin.  This makes it so that you
can tab complete pulp-admin commands, subcommands, arguments and even some
other things.

First, make sure you have installed the bash-completion package (if you don't
already have this installed, definitely check it out, it makes your life
easier in lots of ways), then rerun pulp-dev.py --install, and the completion
script will get installed.

The bash completion works just like it does for other commands you might be
familiar with, such as 'ls', tab twice to get a printed list of possible
completions, or tab once to complete the current word.

The point of completion is not to enforce command line correctness, however, it
should show you the correct possible options, e.g., once a command is
specified, you'll only see subcommands that pertain to that command, once a
subcommand is specified, you'll only see --<parameter>'s that pertain to that
subcommand, etc.

Once I got that working, I went a little crazy and added support for
completing consumer id's and repo id's.  The completion script itself actually
runs pulp-admin behind the scenes to get the possible consumer/repos.  So,
if the comand you type is 'pulp-admin consumer bind --repoid ', and then tab
twice, you'll get a list of all possible repo id's for whatever pulp server
you're pointing at.

Let me know any feedback, and we can add this to get installed as part of the
pulp-admin rpm automatically.

Start saving those keystrokes!

-- James Slagle

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