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Re: [Pulp-list] N00b: Pulp and Cobbler ?

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 19:06, Dan White <ygor comcast net> wrote:
So, if I understand the patterns (I'm new to using producer/consumer patterns),
I set up a Pulp Server to manage the mirror-repositories (producer)
and point the Cobbler Server at them (as a client/consumer) and let Cobbler feed out the RPM's to the cobbler-ized client-hosts.

You can actually have Cobbler do pass through repositories to pulp if you uncheck 'mirror locally' under advanced (I believe that is the right option).
This sounds very do-able !

I have a repo on my Cobbler server of RPM's that are not from another repo, so I have to run "createrepo" manually whenever I update the collection.  The client-hosts connecting thru Cobbler pick up the changes.

OK, one more question: I'm using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.  Can I still register these client-hosts with Red Hat Network ?  I recently encountered a problem with Cobbler-generated yum mirror-repositories and the yum-rhn-plugin not playing nice together.

I use cobbler+rhn regularly and haven't seen any issues.  feel free to bring this up in #cobbler on freenode or on the cobbler list.

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