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[Pulp-list] Creating errata


I synced my testing repo with two erratas in it. Well I manually edited the updateinfo.xml file and I hope it is valid, Pulp did not complain syncing it and I can see both erratas in the list.

Now, I want to install an errata to pulp consumer. So I registered and bound the consumer to the repo above. Then I issued:

pulp-admin errata install --consumerid dea -e RHEA-2010:0001

(Btw there is an "-e" missing in the user guide chapter Errata, paragraph Installation).

But it says:

error: operation failed: Errata ['RHEA-2010:0001'] you requested are not applicable for your system

What are possible reasons for this? Once I am registered, errata is listed and I don't have any of the packages it should install.

I also tried to create new errata (with no packages):

pulp-admin errata create --id RHEA-2010:0001 --title "Testing issue" --version 1 --release 1 --type security --issued "2010-01-01 01:01:01" --status stable --fromstr "lzap+pub redhat com" --effected-packages ~/empty

I wonder why don't I specify the repo I want to create errata in. Anyways when I try to install it I got the same result.

I must have done something wrong. Thanks for explanation.


  Lukas "lzap" Zapletal

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