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[Pulp-list] May need to drop pulp_unittest

FYI, if you start seeing failures in some of the GC manager tests, you may need to manually drop the pulp_unittest database.

The explanation is two-fold and is probably worth mentioning as a heads up:

- Our base model uses mongo's ensure_index, which only adds indexes, but won't delete them. This probably isn't a huge deal as we have pulp-migrate in the case we remove indexes from a model. But still good to know, I didn't realize that we had to manually delete ones that are no longer valid.

- Our base model uses the variable "ensure_indicies". I may be mistaken, but I think that's spelled wrong. Every spelling I can find shows "indices" (the Mongo O'Reilly book uses "indexes", but I'm not gonna get into that). The GC domain objects defined it with the spelling "ensure_indices", which means it wasn't being overridden and in those cases the default of "id" was used.

I didn't fix the variable name typo, if it is in fact one, since every since one of our model objects overrides it and I just don't feel like running around fixing them all. Just something to be wary of when making a new model, be sure to mispell "ensure_indicies".

Jay Dobies
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