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[Pulp-list] Pulp Community Release 16 is available

Pulp Community Release 16 is available!


Pulp: 0.230-3
Grinder: 0.112
Gofer: 0.47

Upgrade Notes:

  - Run pulp-migrate after upgrade.
  - The pulp-migrate command has been moved from the pulp-admin package to the
    main pulp package.
  - The main pulp (server) package no longer depends on the pulp-admin package.
    Users that wish to have pulp-admin (tool) installed on their pulp server now need to
    explicitly install the pulp-admin package.


Support for Certificate Revocation Lists
 - Added ability to read CRL files for a given CA used in repository authentication.
 - Leverages M2Crypto and OpenSSL for certificate verification
 - Requires a patched M2Crypto
 - Configuration instructions at:

Added support for Remove Metadata
 - custom metadata type can now be removed from existing repository metadata
 - this currently works in fedora 14 and 15. For RHEL-5 and 6 rebased version of
   createrepo is being backported with this support.

Added support for installing a package groups on a consumer groups.
  - See: https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/UGConsumers#install for details.

Pulp now provides a patched version of m2crypto (m2crypto-0.21.1.pulp</code>.
The changes within are required for the newly added certificate revocation list support.
The RPM can be found in the Pulp repositories along side the rest of the Pulp RPMs.

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