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[Pulp-list] Consumer Group - quick question on APIs

Hi All,

I was looking over the Consumer Group APIs (https://fedorahosted.org/pulp/wiki/UGREST-ConsumerGroups) and have a few questions.

For the 'Create', 'Add consumer to a group' and 'Delete consumer from a group' APIs, is it possible to provide a list of consumer IDs in the request to Pulp?

In many scenarios (create/add/delete), we'll already know a list of consumers; therefore, we would prefer to minimize the number of requests to the Pulp server.

For the 'Bind repository to consumer group' API, is this binding required if we plan to use the consumer group install/update/uninstall APIs or will pulp use the repositories that are already bound to a given consumer?

Note: we'll want to leverage these install/update/uninstall APIs to minimize the requests to the pulp server; however, since each consumer will already have repositories bound to them, it would be ideal to leverage those consumer-repo bindings.


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