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Re: [Pulp-list] Disable AMQP messages in pulp 0.0.267?

On 04/19/2012 02:04 AM, Nick Coghlan wrote:

I don't want to hook my Pulp installation (0.0.267) up to a message bus
(yet), but I can't find anything in the docs about how to switch the
AMQP features off completely. This means I currently have two problems:

"service pulp-server start" fails (because it's trying to start a qpid
daemon locally, which doesn't work, and which I won't want it to do even
after the message bus *is* configured properly)
Several error messages are written to the Pulp log every couple of
minutes complaining that it can't find the AMQP service

This is with send_enabled and recv_enabled set to false in the [events]
section of pulp.conf. Aside from replacing "localhost" with the server's
FQDN, the [messaging] section is also left at its default settings.

Did I missing something in the docs? Is there a way to disable AMQP
completely such that both of these problems will go away until I get
around to configuring the message bus properly?

No, you didn't miss anything in the docs. As you noted, you can disable/enable the AMQP events but there currently isn't a way to disable bus integration all together. But, there should be and we will include support for this in 2.0.

As for workarounds, I don't see any that don't include hacking the pulp code. Although you don't need the bus integration, would it be acceptable to install/start qpidd? With events disabled, it really wont be used for much of anything unless you register consumers. Even then, it's not used much unless you do things like installing packages on consumers through the REST API.


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