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Re: [Pulp-list] Sending AMQP messages from Pulp 2.0 plugins

Asking the question about turning off the message bus integration
reminded me that I had a couple of questions about any planned AMQP
integration in the 2.0 plugin APIs.

1. Will there be a mechanism added to the conduit API to send arbitrary
AMQP messages?

2. Will the sync summary data reported through the conduit API be
forwarded to the message bus?

(If 1 is true, then the answer to 2 doesn't really matter, but if only 2
is true then it will affect what I decide to include in the sync summaries)


My overall plans for that sort of functionality, which admittedly aren't fully thought through, are to provide a much richer alerting subsystem than simply AMQP messages.

The goal will be to identify touch points across Pulp where alerting makes sense, for instance repo created, repo sync begun, repo sync finished, etc. Those will call into an alerting framework with an standard API not tied to just sending AMQP messages.

Initially that framework will support message bus notification, but it's not a far cry (assuming we get the APIs right) to add e-mail support and so on. Eventually I'd like to open it up so it's easier to add in your own alerting handlers.

The big use case I have in mind for making it pluggable would be an alerting plugin that looks at the sync report and if there were any security errata newly syncced, fire off a bus message/e-mail/text message to let someone know they probably want to look at it.

To your questions, I haven't put any thought into how the conduits would interact with that alerting framework. It somewhat depends on what the alerting APIs end up looking like. I may hook events into the progress update in which case the conduit would take care of that itself and not expose it to the plugin.

I'm not 100% comfortable with arbitrary messages from the plugin on behalf of the Pulp server (meaning originating from the Pulp server's connection) and could see an argument that it's solely on the plugin to add that support if it wants it. That said, I'm also not 100% behind that statement and will have to give it some more thought. What sorts of use cases are you thinking about?

As for #2, the answer is almost definitely yes. "Sync completed" seems like one of the single most useful alerts we'd provide and the report would be part of that.

FYI Nick, I'm in PTO next week, so if this thread goes dead for a while it's not that I'm ignoring this suggestion :)

Jay Dobies
Freenode: jdob @ #pulp
http://pulpproject.org | http://blog.pulpproject.org

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