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[Pulp-list] gc client extension loading ordering

I wanted to explain the idea I proposed during the deep dive about ordering 
the gc client extension loading.  Instead of relying on alphabetical order, 
each extension model could define a module level variable that represented 
it's loading priority as a number.  Call it PRIORITY if you will.

Extensions could be imported, but before their init methods are called, they 
could be sorted based on the module.PRIORITY variable.

Extensions with the same PRIORITY, meaning they don't depend on anything else
with the same PRIORITY, could then be loaded alphabetically if we have to
enforce an order.

This isn't all that different from the way it's being done now, in that it 
still uses an arbitrary system for the load order.  We're still not expressly
listing dependencies or anything.

Alphabetical loading by module name does have some advantages over this 
proposal, one of which is that you could easily see the loading order just by
looking at a directory of files.  But, I think you're still going to get into
situations where you have to start prepending lots of a's and z's to get the
order you want.  For example, if there's a new builtin pulp extension that
needs to depend on _pulp_repo.py, we've basically made it such that the new
extension needs to start with _pulp_[s-z].*, so that it gets loaded in the
correct order.

Using a module level variable would also make it so that we don't have to
prepend _ to the pulp builtin extensions.  I really feel we should try and
follow PEP8 as much as possible.  While having _'s at all in module names
is debated, leading _'s almost always indicates a C compiled .so
python module.


-- James Slagle

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