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[Pulp-list] Getting grinder to pull from an RH Satellite Server

Hi Folks.

I've been doing some work today trying to get grinder to pull from a
local RH Satellite Server.

Right now I have grinder pulling a channel list and even beginning to
sync information, however when it tries to actually pull the packages
it gets a 405 from the satellite server:

grinder.ParallelFetch: INFO     Skipping item_complete for
{'error_type': 'error', 'name': u'rhn-kickstart-virtualization',
'fetch_name': u'rhn-kickstart-virtualization-2.0.10-4.el5:.noarch.rpm',
'md5sum': u'19c282c43293056d835492bc723971f5', 'nevra':
u'rhn-kickstart-virtualization-2.0.10-4.el5.noarch.rpm', 'fileName':
u'rhn-kickstart-virtualization-2.0.10-4.el5.noarch.rpm', 'hashtype':
'md5', 'epoch': u'', 'last_modified': u'1182800618', 'version':
u'2.0.10', 'error': 'HTTP status code of 405 received for
'release': u'4.el5', 'arch': u'noarch', 'id': u'rhn-package-13325',
'size': u'18403'}

probably because the URL is incorrect.

Anyone have any hints on how to pull packages using getPackage? Also,
what's with the extra : in the filename? I feel like there's a parsing
issue in *Fetch.py, but I'm admittedly not a python guy.

- Patrick

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