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Re: [Pulp-list] repo sync fails using rhel5.7 iso

Make sure your file path is pointing to the dir where repodata  is found. Error indicates that there is no repodata dir under /var/tmp/rh5u7-base/ .

~ Prad

On 02/29/2012 12:31 PM, Golden, Joel wrote:
I've banged my head on this for a few days now and have thrown in the towel.  From a rhel6 box running pulp 254-8 I'm getting the following error when attempting to sync a repo using the rhel5.7 iso or a folder that is a copy of the iso.  I can sync it from the copy if I run a create repo from the base directory but run into a "Cannot retrieve metadata (repomd.xml)" error during the ks build.
pulp-admin repo create --id rh5u7-base --feed file:///var/tmp/rh5u7-base/ --arch x86_64
Error when attempting to sync:
error:  RepoError: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: /tmp/temp_pulp_repoH3jzwl. Please verify its path and try again

Best Regards,

Joel Golden, RHCE




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