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[Pulp-list] Adding notes to v2.0 repositories

After a month or so dealing with purely internal PulpDist updates (almost all packaging related), I'm finally back to tasks that involve accessing a few more pieces of the v2.0 repository APIs.

Firstly, is there a more recent reference than the initial blog post [1]? If there's something more recent, that may answer a few of my questions on its own. (e.g. just from looking at my own create_repo() and save_repo() code, I know that blog post doesn't accurately describe the API for the those two operations, since the former is a POST on the collection, while the latter is a PUT on the resource itself)

Secondly, the specific question I have right now is how to set the "notes" field on a repository. The blog post that sketched out the API shows it in the displayed fields for the list of repositories, but doesn't indicate whether or not it can be populated in the POST (creation) or PUT (update) calls.

(I'll start experimenting with this tomorrow my time, but figured the time zones involved made it worth asking the question before I went home this evening)


[1] http://blog.pulpproject.org/2011/11/04/preview-pulp-v2-0-repository-apis/
Nick Coghlan
Red Hat Engineering Operations, Brisbane

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