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[Pulp-list] Workaround to fix 'admin permission error' in latest v2 QE build

If you drop your database and re-initialize it after installing the latest QE build, you will most like see permissions error when executing pulp-admin commands as an admin. This is because of admin user not getting initialised correctly with super-user permissions after recent re-factoring of users and permissions.

Here is a temporary workaround if you run into this issue -
- Go to mongo shell - # mongo
- Change database to pulp_database - > use pulp_database
- Update admin user by using following update query -
db.users.update({"name" : "admin"}, {$set : {"roles" : ['super-users']}});

I am also working on the fix to correctly set permissions at the time of initialization, so the problem won't be seen in the next QE build.


Sayli Karmarkar

Software Engineer
Systems Management and Cloud Enablement

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