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Re: [Pulp-list] grinder yum filters

Hi John,

----- Original Message -----
> Hi list, I just discovered pulp the other day while looking for a
> more
> convenient way to synch yum repos than my crazy homebrew bash scripts
> with 'plugins' and per-repo config files.
> Mainly, rsyncing whole repos is fine for the small sites I manage.
> However, a number of custom RPMs depend on small numbers of packages
> from 3rd party repos, Pulp initially looked right to synch partial
> repos
> with its 'whitelist' feature, but it didn't take long to trace the
> lack
> of this feature for remote repos down to its absence in the grinder
> package.
> For the small shop use case, grinder is fine, so I added a quick
> filtering function to it.  The filters have their own class similar
> to
> pulp's, so maybe it'll be easy for someone to plumb it into pulp down
> the road.  

Thank you for the patch.
We'll review it this week and see if we can bring it into grinder.


> However, the attached patch can probably be called
> hackish,
> so maybe by the time pulp has filtering for remote repos, it'll be a
> complete rewrite.  I don't feel too embarrassed about the
> hackishness,
> though, since grinder appears to be a bit of a patchwork itself; I'm
> guessing that the RHN and yum parts were two separate scripts that
> were
> quickly thrown together into a single library?
> The patch is pretty well self-documenting.  Testing was done with
> something like the following command line:
> PYTHONPATH=src python bin/grinder yum --label somerepo \
> 	-b /tmp -U 'http://www.somesite.com/somerepo' \
> 	--filter=whitelist --filter_regex='cool-package.*' --debug
> BTW, 'run-tests.py' will go through its routine by adding the line
> 'sys.path.append("itests/")', but lots of failures, so I didn't
> bother
> with unit tests.
> This patch doesn't deal with filtering __getDRPMs.  It would be easy
> to
> add, but my sites don't need it just yet, and this submission is
> partly
> just to test the warmth of the waters.
> This patch doesn't deal with running createrepo.  Pulp has its own
> utilities to take care of that.  With this patch, you'll end up with
> the
> original repodata but of course missing any packages excluded by the
> filters, so repodata must be regenerated elsehow.
> More disclaimers:  I'm not a programmer.  I'm not a python
> programmer.
> It's the first time I've touched python in three years (last shop ran
> Perl, whew it's nice to be doing python again!).  I'm too lazy to
> read
> and understand the whole grinder code, so this patch probably makes
> no
> sense in its greater design.  I ramble too much.
> Future projects:  maybe add /etc/grinder/yum.yml config (already have
> a
> good start), and maybe add createrepo functionality.
> 	John
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