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[Pulp-list] pulp.conf

Hi All,

I took a little time (ok, a lot of time) this weekend and re-wrote our

Which means that I:
      * Cleaned up and reformatted the file adding section comments and
        explanations for all options in each, added entries for all
        sections and options with the default value of each option being
      * Reconciled pulp.conf with pulp.server.config._default_values.

But I did not:
      * Remove any configuration sections or options. I didn't validate
        that all sections and options are still in use in our code.
      * Check that I was re-introducing deprecated options. If something
        was in pulp.conf, but was missing from _default_values, I added
        it to _default_values and vise versa.
      * Figure out what every option actually meant. There are a few
        "XXX no explanation provided" comments next to options that I
        couldn't figure out and various other "XXX" comments in

What needs to happen now (or many eyes make all problems shallow):
      * All developers should to take a few minutes and look through
        both pulp.conf and pulp.server.config._default_values and edit
        the options (mostly remove those that are no longer in use).
        Please be sure to update the comments in pulp.conf accordingly.
      * Also, if you spot one of my "XXX" comments in either pulp.conf
        or in _default_values and you know the answer, please update
      * In the future we (me too) need to keep these two in lock step.
        If you add something to pulp.conf, make sure the default option
        values are in _default_values and vise versa.

I think we're in a much cleaner place to tackle Pulp v2 from a
configuration standpoint.

I hope you all had a great weekend and PLEASE help me (us) make these
files consistent and correct.

Jason L Connor
linear on freenode #pulp
RHCE: 805010912355231
GPG Fingerprint: 2048R/CC4ED7C1

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