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[Pulp-list] CLI Argument Conventions

In the v2 CLI we're working for more consistency across the sections. Part of that is done through the prompt's render_* calls.

I added a module under pulp.gc_client.util called arg_utils. It should be used when handling user-supplied options to make sure we handle things consistently across the board. It has three calls so far:

Updating metadata, like configuration on a repo, is a pain because we need to differentiate between the user removing an option and a user not indicating to change one. The convention has been that specifying "" as the value (or omitting it entirely) indicates to remove a config option entirely. For instance: --verify_checksum=""

This call should be run on user-supplied arguments in any CLI update call to ensure that any None values populated by the CLI framework are removed (they represent the user not specifying to change a value) and will convert empty strings to Nones (to indicate the user is explicitly saying to set the value to none/remove it). It will modify the passed in dict in place.

This call takes a dict and a list of keys it should parse as booleans. It will apply the CLI-wide convention for specifying booleans (that way we're not mixing and matching some true/false, some 1/0) and update the passed in dict with a boolean instead of a string. An exception with a user-friendly message in its first arg is raised if the parsing fails.

Similar to the boolean call, it takes a dict and a list of keys in it that represent files on disk. It reads in the contents of the files and replaces the filename in the dict with the contents, meant to be used for small files like certificates and gpg keys. Again, if the file can't be read it will raise an exception with a standard, already i18n-ified message.

If you've written a CLI call that was handling any of these cases, please take a few minutes to update them to these calls instead. I have one last piece to add for this to have the client exception middleware handle the possible exceptions raised by these calls and display the error automatically so the extension writer doesn't have to.

Jay Dobies
Freenode: jdob @ #pulp
http://pulpproject.org | http://blog.pulpproject.org

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