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[Pulp-list] schedule sub-collections

Been doing a little thinking, my current model for schedule sub-collections kinda sucks.

It's as follows (for the schedule REST APIs defined so far):

/v2/repositories/<repo id>/importers/<importer id>/sync_schedules/
/v2/repositories/<repo id>/distributors/<distributor id>/publish_schedules/
/v2/consumers/<consumer id>/unit_install_schedules/

I think the repo importers and distributors sub-collections kinda tripped me up. I think the following is a better (more RESTful?) implementation, and I'm looking for feedback (thumbs up/thumbs down kinda thing)

/v2/repositories/<repo id>/importers/<importer id>/schedules/sync/
/v2/repositories/<repo id>/distributors/<distributor id>/schedules/publish/
/v2/consumers/<consumer id>/schedules/unit_install/
/v2/consumers/<consumer id>/schedules/unit_update/
/v2/consumers/<consumer id>/schedules/unit_uninstall/

Jason L Connor
linear on freenode #pulp
RHCE: 805010912355231
GPG Fingerprint: 2048R/CC4ED7C1

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