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Re: [Pulp-list] syncing old repos with sha1 checksums

On 09/12/2012 06:59 AM, Pradeep Kilambi wrote:
On 09/12/2012 12:40 AM, Mike McCune wrote:
We got this bug in Katello:


that describes an issue we are having trying to remove packages from
existing repos.  We call pulp's
/pulp/api/services/disassociate/packages/ API call which searches for
packages by filename and sha.  The issue came from the old repository
metadata from this virtualbox repo that Corey synced:


the RPM metadata in the above location are still checksummed with a
sha1 signature vs sha256.  The issue comes down to the pulp code in v1:


here in pulp/server/api/repo.py:

     def _translate_filename_checksum_pairs(self, pkg_infos):
         Translates a list of filename/checksum structures to a list of
package ids.
         @param pkg_infos: format is [((filename, checksum), [repoids])]
         @return:    {'repo_id':[pkgids]}, {errors}
         start_translate = time.time()
         p_col = model.Package.get_collection()
         repo_pkgs = {}
         errors = {}
         for item in pkg_infos:
             filename = item[0][0]
             checksum = item[0][1]
             repos = item[1]
             found = p_col.find_one({"filename":filename,
"checksum.sha256":checksum}, {"id":1})

you can see it will never find the packages with metadata signed with
checksum.sha... is this fixed in V2?

Yes, this should not be an issue in v2. In v2, we leave it to the user
to set the criteria and what to look for when calling
unassociate_by_criteria. If your criteria filter includes the checksum
sha as checksum and pulp db has that checksum to match, we should find
the unit and remove it.

Do you need this fixed in v1?

it would be ideal, yes. the workarounds are fairly annoying from our standpoint.


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